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My love affair with stories - why do I love movies and books so much?

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Since I was a little girl, I've been a bit of a walking filing cabinet when it comes to movies, books, and music. I was a kid with a big imagination because of the stories my mom would read to me from different books. My great memory for acting faces and movie catchphrases became a great asset to the people around me.


For me today, the greatest pleasure is when I lie down with a cup of tea on a cold evening in front of a favorite book or an interesting movie in which I find solace and inspiration for life.

In the pages of a well-worn book or in the flickering images on the screen, I am reminded of the deep love I have for them.


They are not just a form of entertainment; they are my windows into a world of imagination, knowledge, and emotion.

Books and films allow me to cross all boundaries. When I read a book, I am an active participant in creating the world and characters in my mind.

With films, on the other hand, I witness the artistic interpretation of the director's vision. Both experiences allow me to dream and think.


In this article, I'd like to share with you what books and films mean to me as my ultimate escape from reality.


An oasis of calm

The moment I open a book or start playing a movie, a profound calm washes over me. The noise of the world fades into the background and I am instantly transported to another realm. Whether it's a fantasy world in a novel or an exotic location on the big screen, it's a chance to explore and experience everything without boundaries, as if I've found an oasis of calm amidst the chaos of everyday life.


Empathy and connection and temporary refuge

Life can often be challenging, with lots of disappointments and struggles. In these difficult times, books and movies offer me a refuge where I can take a break from my worries and immerse myself in the trials and triumphs of fictional characters. This capacity for empathy is invaluable. This bridge of empathy connects me with people from different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs. It fosters a deeper understanding of humanity and cultivates tolerance.

The characters' struggles become a temporary distraction from my own, and their victories provide a glimmer of hope, inspiration, compassion, and openness.


Emotional catharsis and stimulation

Movies and books stimulate my mind in unique ways. Reading a book requires my imagination to work at full speed. It brings the words on the page to life and creates vivid mental landscapes and characters.

Movies, on the other hand, offer a visual and auditory feast and captivate my senses with stunning visuals and moving soundtracks.

Through the tears shed for fictional tragedies and the laughter shared with the characters, I find a catharsis of my feelings.

The variety of genres and themes in both allows for constant learning and intellectual growth.


Personal growth and shared experiences

The pages of books and the frames of movies often contain life lessons, moral dilemmas, and profound insights.

They challenge my thinking and help me evolve as an individual. From philosophical musings in classic literature to modern parables in film, these stories inspire me to reflect on my own life and the world around me.


Whether it's discussing a suspense novel with my husband or debating the twists and turns of a movie plot with my family, movies and books serve as a common ground for connection.

They facilitate conversations and create bonds and shared experiences. The sense of community and camaraderie that comes from a shared interest in storytelling is a cherished aspect of my love for these art forms.


Nostalgia and comfort

Books and movies are, without a doubt, timeless companions for me. They are there for me when I need them, regardless of place or time. They become old friends who offer support and nostalgia. A well-worn book in my library or a collection of movies is a reminder that these stories are constants in my life.



I have always protected my books and films with my own life. It is a priceless treasure to me.

These works have always been special to me because they are the result of the hard work and original ideas of writers and filmmakers with intelligence, vision, and passion for words and acting behind them.


That's why I say, "Read, dream, and heal your mind in your world for adventure!"

Are you also a fan of this art? Do you have a particular film or book that has changed your life in some way?

Let me know...

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