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Linny Kay Cee

Writing is my life…

or how did this idea come about?


The birth of an idea

Ever since I first touched a book in my childhood I realized that writing would become my passion. My mother read bedtime stories to me and my interest in books started to grow in my teenage years. My grandmother, who was my biggest fan, loved my letters written to Santa Claus in the form of poems that I enjoyed so much because I always took them as my confession for the whole past year. That was when I realized my passion for words.


Impulse or what is my writing supposed to tell?

Writing is a nice thing, but where to get an original idea? What made me record specific steps on my life map? Well, life itself and obstacles became my development points to improve my actions on earth. The young age caused a flash in my mind, the various escapades also forced me to grow up. Plenty of parties with friends, endless blind dates with different existences, classic girly questions, and trying to convince my surroundings about my human value. There is always something to be found, so why not to share experiences, advice, and life stories that can entertain or at the same time help at any stage of our lives?


Woman to women - we are in this together!

For a long time, I thought about what I could do to inspire women around the world, who live every day with a determination and goal to achieve anything they set their minds to, but unfortunately, they lack the necessary support from people around them, and sometimes even the courage itself is missing. Today's human society is so diverted that sometimes I feel like I was born in another dimension and I try to make it all positive to survive, but why not choose your path with a clear conscience and a feeling of happiness?

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Dear women, what role do we have on this planet? They expect us to grow up to be exemplary wives, responsible mothers, successful workers, excellent cooks and cleaners, reliable friends with self-sacrificing souls, and best of all, all in one person, huh? But what about our needs? What makes us feel most comfortable? How should life be according to our imaginations? Motivational and funny articles just for you for everyday relief from obligations and stress - completely openly and without packaging!

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