Bc. Linda Culba aka Linny Kay Cee

Hello everybody, I am

Linda alias LinnyKayCee

About me:

Adventurous wife, beginner writer, fitness instructor, book addict, dog lover, mentor, spiritual activist and yogi enthusiast


born in the Czech Republic, in best years - in the 90's

Zodiac sign:

Sensitive Cancer mixed with Taurus

Bc. Linda Culba aka Linny Kay Cee

Something about me

"My amazing journey through life"

In childhood, I had different dreams, which, of course, changed with age, as with each of us. Eventually, I grew up to be a hotelier who graduated successfully and had a sniff of a demanding working life since I was a teenager. Since I started working relatively early, I quickly gained work experience, I got used to regular income so quickly, for which I had to sweat blood to live as I liked the most.

The comforts of home gradually replaced travel and study abroad, the hustle and bustle of the big city, and toil on the career path. However, despite my ignorance and certain knowledge of the language, a few years later I found myself in the incomprehensible world of IT and thus began to fall among computer nerds who encountered codes, support, and other terminology unknown to me. After entering the unfamiliar ground, an interesting stage of my adventurous life began.

How can you imagine me?

Well, I wasn't always a positive person who had a bed of roses. I come from a broken family that was tossing me around like a hot potato for a time and I didn't have a steady family background. However, thanks to my friendly nature and sense of humor, I had no problem getting in touch with anyone and developing socially. During my dark days, my salvation was books, movies, sports, music, and dance, which always put me in my protective bubble of dreams and endless joy.

I am a woman with a complicated nature, a wild personality who does not go far for a word, and has sharp elbows and her head on multiple occasions. I hate fake, boredom, and poppy seed noodles. There are few things that can confuse me, but there are so many incomprehensible things, people, and situations in the world today that every day can bring a surprise when I catch my head and think, “What the hell was that again?“

In my life so far, I have gone through many challenges in work, relationships, and family escapades that were like a bad movie. But all of this has been able to empower me, at the same time entertain me and make sure that I just don't get bored in my life and just, I keep moving on and going my way, as best I can.

Even though I have been more or less successful in all the professions I have tried, I have always felt deep down that my creative side is dormant in me to prove something great and something that makes sense and can reach other people who have the same intentions or goals or desires to pursue what they want and do with heart and with great enthusiasm in life.

Why did I actually decide to take it to the market and try my luck in this form?

Try to think about what is at the top of your wish list or goals that you want to achieve before we leave this world… I have to admit, I think that until recently I didn't know what my purpose on this planet was. I am still looking for it from time to time, but every day, through my development and focused thinking, I discover certain skills in myself that make my life happy and enriching..

  • I love books - why don't I write one myself?
  • I love sports and music - why don't I become a fitness instructor and share the joy of movement with others?
  • I love the view of the illuminated city and interesting people - why not capture these moments in a photo?

There are no limits for us that would prevent us from moving - it is only ourselves who are holding us back.

IT'S NEVER TOO LATE for a change and a better tomorrow!

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Dear women, what role do we have on this planet? They expect us to grow up to be exemplary wives, responsible mothers, successful workers, excellent cooks and cleaners, reliable friends with self-sacrificing souls, and best of all, all in one person, huh? But what about our needs? What makes us feel most comfortable? How should life be according to our imaginations? Motivational and funny articles just for you for everyday relief from obligations and stress - completely openly and without packaging!

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