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Dreams and life - can they hold us back?

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They say: "Who does not dream - does not live!"

Yes, we must have dreams in order to have some kind of driving force to propel us forward. Sometimes we experience an unpleasant work stereotype that kills us on a daily basis and our vision gets so far away from us at times that we stop believing that we will ever successfully achieve it.


But our dreams change every time, from our childhood and throughout our adult life, as we evolve and change our views or our needs.

Dreams are powerful motivators that drive us to aspire for greatness and to make it in the world. 

While they can inspire us and set us on the path to success, dreams can sometimes seem elusive, holding us back and causing frustration.


Typical feelings like "I'll never get promoted" ... "I'll never be able to build a company like this" ... "It's all taking so long and I'm running out of patience and strength" .... "When will I finally be able to focus on what I enjoy and find fulfilling?" ...


Why does it often take longer than expected to achieve something significant?


We consider dreams as personal visions of our future. They can be as varied as starting a successful business, becoming a renowned artist, or wanting to leave a positive impact on the world. These dreams often serve as our guiding stars that propel us forward and fuel our passion.

However, the very nature of dreams can sometimes be a double-edged weapon.


One reason dreams can hold us back is that they can sometimes foster unrealistic expectations. When we imagine a great future, we may unintentionally expect a smooth and straight path to success. Reality, however, is often full of setbacks, challenges, and detours. It's these unforeseen obstacles that can lead to disappointment, frustration, and a sense of being set back for days.


If I had to tell you how many times I've been stuck in place because some question mark or inconvenience has come my way each time, where I've wondered, "Am I even meant to do this?" or "Why do I always have such a hard time when I want to do the right thing?" That way I would get nowhere and I could wrap up everything I ever started. The point of this is to learn, to push yourself, and not give up on anything that might surprise you. Every small step is an accomplishment and getting closer to your goal on your journey to happiness.


Fear of failure is another factor that can hinder progress towards our dreams. The bigger the dream, the scarier the prospect of failure becomes. This fear can paralyze us, preventing us from taking the necessary risks and making the courageous decisions necessary to achieve our goals. Instead of following our dreams, we may opt for a safer path, even if it does not align with our true aspirations.

Yes, in the end we must each have a fear, but a healthy one that if we force ourselves out of our comfort zone we can obtain the impossible.


Can I become a photographer at 40? - Why not? Start taking pictures of anything!

Can I write a successful book? - Of course, just write and create a masterpiece!

Can I trade a boring job for one that will fulfill me every day? Go ahead, take a risk and you'll get it!

Can I move abroad and live my quiet and happy life to the fullest with my family? - By all means, get over your fear of the new - you'll gain a lot!


One thing all these goals have in common is perseverance, faith, and determination. Do you have it?


One common trap we fall into is comparing our dreams and progress to others. The truth is that everyone's journey is unique. What works for one may not work for another. Constantly measuring ourselves against the achievements of others can lead to feelings of inadequacy and the belief that we are being held back. It is important to remember that success is subjective and personal.


Achieving significant dreams often takes much longer than we would expect.

In these cases, patience and perseverance are important. Life rarely sticks to our timetables and even the most well-thought-out plans can be delayed. Remaining decisive and adaptable is essential at these times.

It is also important to understand that delays in achieving big dreams are not necessarily a negative thing.

It is often during these long journeys that we learn, grow, and gather the skills and wisdom needed to truly succeed.


Every setback, every challenge, and every moment of doubt can be a valuable teacher that brings us closer to our ultimate goals.


It is also important to remain flexible as we chase our big dreams. Periodically reassess our goals and adjust our approach as needed. Sometimes you may need to change the path you originally envisioned to accommodate changing circumstances or unforeseen obstacles.


While dreams can be a powerful motivator for us, they can also present an arduous task.

We must understand that delays in realization are a natural part of the journey, but provide both perspective and motivation.

Ultimately, this journey to achieve something significant is a rewarding personal pilgrimage filled with invaluable lessons and experiences.

I will share with you the great words I heard online from one of the most successful people in the world and a great role model for those of us who want to make our vision a reality one day!


The famous actor from the 90s, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was asked in an interview:

"What was the best advice you ever heard or received?" - "Believe in yourself!"

"And the dumbest advice you ever heard or received?" - "You can't do it - give up!"

It's up to you which advice you take to heart!


Remember that a successful person will never ridicule you for what you want to accomplish in life, but will symbolically applaud and encourage you with words that will empower you to take the next step on the thorny path to your dream goal.

What are your dreams? Have you ever found yourself at a similar crossroads in life? How do you motivate yourself daily to move closer to your goal?

I'm interested in your answers...


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