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Fitness and IT or combining two different worlds

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We all know it.

It's Monday morning, the sun hasn't even risen yet and you're already sitting in your office, slowly waking up with your morning coffee in front of an eager computer and sleepy colleagues around you.

"What's coming up again today? "you ask yourself before your annoying boss starts bombarding you with questions and tasks for the whole week ahead! You prepare yourself for the daily work routine and hope to survive in good health until the afternoon. But isn't that a bit boring? It's the same thing over and over again with no vision or positive plans to relieve this stress and nerves at the end of each day.


Consider for example the IT environment, which is so specific and requires special attention and savvy of people who live in their own closed world and sometimes have difficulty to create their own balance between work and fun. They don't like to step out of their comfort zone and hide behind virtual reality from the real world. Isn't that a shame? After all, there are plenty of ideas for socializing.

What is actually a form of entertainment and relaxation for us?


For some people, it's reading a book in a quiet café, for others it's hitting the punching bag at the gym, and for others, it's going for a longer walk with the dog in the countryside.

In this case, people need to think about their daily relaxation and healthy movement, which will release enough endorphins to keep them happy, creative, and fit for years to come. 

For me, as a dance maniac and walking music file, a cardio-dance workout called Zumba or "dance your stress away!" wins out.


Zumba - dance or complicated cardio exercise?


Throughout my life, since early childhood, I have found relief and joy in dance steps, which have accompanied me through challenging times in my youth and adulthood. It was an activity I ran to and enjoyed to the fullest. What's in it for me? I'll be happy to answer.

During my young school years, when I counted the grueling days of the week in classes so that I could finally go to a disco with my friends on a Friday or Saturday night and "get lost in my bubble" on the dance floor, I discovered what my mission was - to spread joy, smiles, and fun. Every song I experienced on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning was so meaningful to me that, despite my dad's orders, I usually arrived home late from the dance party and subsequently caught it right at the door. Just as the doorknob clicked and the keys rattled in the door, an angry face appeared across from me and launched straight into a classic monologue, "Okay, so next week after school, straight home and study, no clubs or friends, okay?"


With euphoria in my voice, I agreed and went straight to my room, where I literally danced, threw off my dancing heels and sweaty clothes, fell into bed, still wearing make-up and so tired, and replayed in my mind my experiences, my newly invented creations that I would be proud of at the next party. 

This hobby has been in my blood ever since and I never wanted to give up this passion.

Dance and music are known to unite and so it is with a sporting activity like Zumba.

With this term comes a lot of questions and mysteries that come to mind, which a lot of people don't fully understand and don't know its exact meaning. For me personally, this amazing dance activity becomes a liberation and a moment to forget about reality and enjoy the amazing Latin rhythms, and the unbounded and unconditional love for the music.


Imagine that you are in a difficult situation, either professional or personal, where you are unable to deal with a particular serious problem or issue that is eating you up on the inside, and which feels like a future natural disaster, and you feel lost, you feel like crying, or you feel a certain depression.  


But in this case, try the following:

Close your eyes...

Put on your favorite Latin American hit, which will transport you in your mind to an exotic land full of unbounded places, like a beautiful and warm beach, where the wild waves are crashing...

Imagine your tanned skin shining under the hot sky, you standing at the beach bar sipping a refreshing cocktail, all around you are joyful faces full of genuine smiles, engaged in dance creations on the dance floor, enjoying every moment spent together among friends and strangers alike. Don't you feel better now?

The workout itself is almost like a big dance floor full of flashing colors and smiling people finding connection with themselves through simple steps.


Zumba hides the sensuality, playfulness, and creativity that lies within each of us. It teaches you to use your body and be aware of it at the same time. It doesn't matter if you are not agile enough, or if you have a problem with choreography, or if you don't look perfect in the mirror - the motto is "FOLLOW THE DANCE AND THE MUSIC, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY WITH A SMILE!"

Do you have experience with this sensual movement? What helps you to relax and feel mentally and physically well?

Write to me...

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