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My friend the dog or how our life and health changed

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A famous quote says, "A dog is the only creature in the world that loves you more than you love yourself."


I used to think that was just a cute sentiment, but then Crowley came into our family, and I realized that it has a profound truth. Crowley wasn't just a pet; he was a life-changing presence in my world.


I'll admit that at first, I was quite apprehensive about getting a dog, as we would have to rethink and change a few things.

The thought of the responsibility, the time commitment, and the potential chaos a furry companion could bring to my life was daunting.

I had a female dog at one time in my childhood, even from puppyhood, but I had the help of my mom to make sure she was properly cared for, as my concerns were still school and home responsibilities on top of that.


Anyway, fate had certain plans for me and my husband.

We were going through a busy time during the COVID pandemic when we were surviving together every day and hence the sparkle had unexpectedly gone out of our relationship, the calm had been replaced by nervousness and aggression, regular arguments, and a dislike for life.


We contemplated change because we wanted to find the lost joy and purpose that would revitalize us in our personal and professional lives.

One cold evening, I visited the dog shelter's website and started browsing through abandoned pets that had been waiting for adoption for a long time. Their eyes brimmed with longing for a home and love.


I had to chop it up and not put it off any longer. There was always some reason why it wasn't a good fit right now or why we didn't have room for it. NO - now is the time!

I made the decision, explained it to my husband gracefully, and pointed out that I felt we needed to take this step.

I was surprised that he didn't object. This time we searched together and planned what we needed to do so that he could belong and feel at home in our family.


After an endless search, we found a favorite that we were smitten with and prayed to get.

A small complication was that the shelter was located in Slovakia and therefore a certain transport service had to bring the dog to us in the Czech Republic, which made us wait a little longer for our rascal.


On the day when he was finally brought to us, we didn't know how he would attach himself to us, because it was the first time we met him. At times he was uncomfortable, hungry, and scared. We put him in the car and quickly headed home. There he had already prepared his bed, bowls of water and meat, his first toy, and a whole space to play.


The first night in his new home - it didn't take even an hour and we became friends right away, in the evening he jumped into our bed washed and fed and a new chapter of our life together began, which foretold incredible adventures and experiences for all of us.



His beautiful soul

Crowley is a breed of Carolina dog that originated in America. He was distinguished by his curled tail, golden coat, and deep wolf-like eyes. His unbridled and affectionate nature could make us laugh and soften at any moment because he was simply the epitome of joy.


I was beginning to empathize with him and share in the daily care of his beautiful soul. Walking, feeding, taking care of his coat and teeth, and regular visits to the vet became a pleasant routine for me.


Through Crowley, I also discovered the incredible power of patience. He is a dog with a troubled past and it took a while for him to trust us completely. During those first few days, I learned that love and trust cannot be rushed. The patience and understanding I cultivated during this period will help me in my human relationships as well.


One of the most remarkable aspects of Crowley is his ability to sense my emotions. On my good days, he is a source of endless joy and playfulness. On my bad days, he sits quietly by my side, offering quiet comfort and understanding.


Our hero has changed the way we see the world. He was an eternal optimist, always excited by simple things - walks in the park, games of fetch, or curling up at my feet while reading a book. He reminds me daily that happiness can be found in the most ordinary moments and that life is too short to be concerned with negativity.


The unconditional love Crowley provided was a precious gift to both of us.

In a world full of expectations, conditions, and prejudices, he loved me just as I was, even with my flaws. He didn't care about successes or failures; he loved us because we were his family.


He has an uncanny knack for knowing when I need him most. Crowley is our emotional anchor, helping us through life's ups and downs with unwavering support. However, this time the last fall lifted us off the ground so much that he was able to instill in us with his momentum an idea that changed our life path once and for all.



An idea disguised as a vision

Crowley has changed us, transformed us, and turned our lives upside down with his contagious positive behavior.

With an influx of positive energy and ideas, we were able to rock and finally move forward in our professional lives to where we have wanted to go for a long time - to start our company together.


We were both steeped in different industries like fitness and IT - why not combine the two? After all, technology and health are related, as daily interaction with a computer requires special attention in terms of concern for physical fitness and mental well-being.

This great vision was born out of an impulse that this little rascal unknowingly sent us.


He has become our symbol and our belief that it is never too late and that we must believe in a common goal. It reminds us daily of our determination, strengthens us on difficult working days, and gives us courage and support.

Everything has its time and we have come to understand that dreams are the driving force that propels us forward and we must not give up on anything that matters and makes us happy.


This gift from God has made us a better person - it has taught us to live and appreciate everything!

Are you a dog person? Or do you keep another pet that means everything to you?

Write to me, I look forward to...

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