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Embracing imperfection: My journey to cure perfectionism

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Perfectly cleaned apartment before the expected visit...

A perfectly done job that met the deadline and your boss's comments...

A perfectly cooked dinner for the whole family that is eagerly waiting at the table...

Perfect makeup and wardrobe and hair for an important meeting...


...and many other things that matter to us. But is it?


Is it necessary to exude perfection every day? Well, I believed that YES, and for several years I lived that way in an endless hustle and bustle manner that was not as essential as comfort and peace of mind.


In a world that often celebrates flawlessness and perfect accomplishments, my journey to embrace imperfection was both challenging and liberating.

For years I struggled with the relentless pursuit of perfection, not realizing the toll it was taking on my mental and emotional well-being.


Today I share my story of breaking free from the chains of perfectionism, learning to appreciate the beauty in imperfections, and finding true healing in vulnerability.



The pressure to be perfect

Growing up, I was conditioned to believe that perfection equals success.

Flawless appearance and unwavering achievement became the measure of my self-worth.

Fear of making mistakes paralyzed me, kept me from taking risks, and stifled my creativity. Little did I know that the pursuit of perfection was an endless cycle that left me exhausted and dissatisfied.


The breaking point

My turning point came when I realized that perfectionism was not a pursuit of perfection, but rather a shield against vulnerability. I began to understand that my fear of failure was holding back my personal and professional growth.

It was time to challenge the idea that imperfections are something to fear and avoid.


Learning from mistakes

One of the most profound lessons in my journey was learning that mistakes are not failures, but rather opportunities for growth. I began to see failures as stepping stones to self-improvement, understanding that every stumble was an opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge.

By reframing my perspective, I began to appreciate the inherent beauty in the chaotic, unpredictable nature of life.


Authentic connections

Embracing imperfection also meant allowing myself to be vulnerable in my relationships. I realized that by presenting my authentic self, flaws and all, I could foster a genuine connection with others.

Fear of judgment began to fade as I found comfort in the shared human experience of making mistakes and learning from them.



I will give you a few more examples of imperfections that I have observed during my research...


Professional growth

In my career, I have taken on new challenges without fear of failure. I have accepted that not every project will be flawless, but each one is an opportunity to hone my skills and contribute to my personal development.


Relaxed creativity

Instead of obsessing over the perfect outcome, I allowed myself to explore my creative side without the weight of unrealistic expectations.

The result was a newfound joy in the process and a surprising improvement in the quality of my work.



Accepting imperfection meant being kinder to myself. I learned to acknowledge my efforts even when things didn't go as planned. This self-compassion became a powerful tool to overcome the anxiety associated with the fear of failure.


The journey to embrace imperfection was transformational and paved the way for true self-discovery and healing.

I came to understand that perfection is an illusion and the pursuit of it is a never-ending battle that robs us of the beauty inherent in our flaws.

By embracing imperfection, I found a newfound freedom - the freedom to grow, connect, and live authentically.

It is a journey that continues, but I sail with a heart full of acceptance and a spirit unencumbered by the weight of perfection.

Are women more affected by perfectionism or does it also apply to men? Have you been infected with this syndrome yourself?

Let me know in the comments...

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