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Transformational Symphony: Uncovering the profound power of music in our lives

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"All you have in that head is music!" I used to hear from my dad in my teens, no matter what I did.


Yes, he was right. I had to have a distraction while cleaning the house, an encouragement while studying mindless math problems, or any outdoor activity that then got more drive and energy through music.


Throughout my wild existence, music has been a constant companion, a silent confidant that has carried me through the peaks of joy and the valleys of sorrow.

Beyond the external beats and rhythms, it is the emotional resonance and gentle symphony of feelings that make music an integral part of my life.


I have always felt like I have no legs without a musical background because I have always felt in my gut that music is an integral part of my soul that sings itself and awakens a significant amount of endorphins and tears of happiness after the conscious goosebumps after hearing a pleasant melody.


Join me as I explore the profound impact music has had on my journey, and let's discover the difference it has made in moments big and small...



1. Emotional resonance

Music has the unique ability to mirror and amplify our emotions.

It's like a trusted friend who knows exactly what to say without saying a word. When I'm feeling uplifted, a positive melody becomes the soundtrack to my joy, and in moments of grief, a soulful tune captures the nuances of my pain.

It's as if the notes and lyrics are an extension of my own emotional landscape, providing comfort and understanding.


For example, the memory of a rainy afternoon spent listening to a melancholic ballad that reflected the somber emotions I couldn't put into words.

Sometimes I even have the ability to describe feelings by melody. An image or a scene would appear in my head and I would try my best to put it to words on paper, like a confession in a diary.


2. Memories set to music

Some of my most treasured memories are inseparable from the songs that played in the background. Outings with friends punctuated by our favorite tunes, late late-night conversations accompanied by acoustic melodies - each memory is embellished with its musical motif. These songs become time machines and instantly transport me to the laughter, tears, and camaraderie of days gone by.


An unforgettable dance with my first forbidden love, where the melody of a Latin American love song became the backdrop for a moment that is etched in my memory. Each moment had its musical scenario.


One day my husband and I started this symbolic thing. At the end of each year, as we anticipate the arrival of a new one on New Year's Eve, we sit around the table, sip a drink, and recall the past year in the form of 3 meaningful songs meant to symbolize 3 seasons of our lives, whether it was a personal achievement, a sadness, or any event that impacted our lives. We squeezed 365 days into 3 songs that we listened to over and over again and that were meant to encourage, cheer, and kick us up. A flashback that made us reflect, remember a life lesson, and be grateful for where we are!


3. Healing power

Life is a roller coaster and music was a healing balm during the minima. In times of stress or uncertainty, a carefully curated playlist has the power to soothe irritable nerves and offer relief from chaos. The right combination of chords and lyrics has an almost magical ability to lift my spirits and provide strength to face challenges head-on.


I can mention the most common thing, which is a demanding workload made more manageable by the soothing melodies of a favorite instrumental playlist that always turns a stressful day into a productive one with positive results.


4. Expressions of identity

Music is not just background noise, but a mirror reflecting the depths of my identity.

The genres I resonate with, and the artists I admire - all contribute to the mosaic of who I am. Whether it's the rebellious spirit of rock or the introspective nature of folk, my musical preferences tell a story about my values, experiences, and the person I am becoming.


It has always been about discovering a new independent artist whose lyrics resonated with my journey and created a sense of connection and understanding.


5. Connections across borders

In a world often divided by differences, music serves as a unifying force. It breaks down language barriers and cultural differences and brings people together on a soulful level.

I have experienced the power of this connection at concerts, where strangers become friends in the shared experience of a live performance. In these moments, music becomes a universal language of unity.


As I mentioned my impressions of attending a music festival and realizing that the love of a particular genre transcends age, nationality, and origin, creating a sense of belonging among the diverse attendees.


As I reflect on the chapters of my life, each page is decorated with melodies that have shaped my experiences.

The power of music transcends the ear; it is a storyteller, a healer, and a constant companion on the journey of self-discovery. From the highs of celebration to the lows of introspection, music has been the unwavering thread that ties together the fabric of my existence.


So, here are the harmonies that resonate with our hearts and make life's journey all the more beautiful.

I live by music!

How many of you live for music? When do you most often listen to pleasant melodies and what kind of music are you a lover of?

Write me...share your story!

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